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Prodcut#     30160 1 1/4"

                   30161  1 3/8"

                   30162  1 1/2"

                   30163  2"

Weha Xubi Dry Diamond Core Bits are an outstanding high speed core bit for granite, engineered stone, quartz, and concrete counter top materials.

With a high diamond concentration of diamonds, the Weha Xubi Granite Core Bits will reach between 70-85 holes per core bit.

Featuring vacuum brazed diamonds on both the inside and the outside of the core, the Xubi Granite Dry Core Bit will not only drill fast but will leave the core very smooth and clean for the faucets to easily slide in to. 

Additionally the side diamonds allow the hole to be easily expanded very fast with the vacuum brazed diamonds.

At 4" in total length, the Xubi Granite Core Bits will be perfectly stable for "biting" into the stone and for drilling free hand with the makita grinder. This 4" length plenty of depth to drill through 2cm, 3cm granite and stone without any problems.

The Weha Xubi Diamond Granite Core Bits are specifically designed for drilling free hand. The Xubi Diamond Core Bit has very sharp diamond lines to start the drilling on the stone at an angle without skipping across the stone. The strong solid welding is also made for the circular motion when drilling in the hole to speed up the coring and drilling process.

Weha really thought through the real world drilling process and produced one of the best granite core bits for granite and engineered stones at one of the best prices one could ask for.

Truly one of the best Dry Diamond Core drilling bangs for your buck! 

5/8-11 thread
4" total length
Wet & Dry Use
Max RPM 10,000

Weha Xubi Diamond Dry Core Bit

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