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Abrasive Blasting done right

Advanced Abrasive Blasting System

December 13, 2017

Our Fabricated Metal Room is 10-ft x 5-ft x 8.5-ft height made of 11-gage sheet metal. Large access doors at each end open to a full length gravity roller conveyor inside for easy movement and positioning of stone to be blasted. A baffle at the top permits installation of the dust collector ductwork. Metal room also includes an auger system for transferring abrasive out of room to the pneumatic abrasive pick up system for reuse. Sloped front and rear walls channel abrasive to auger. Auger flow is designed to match retrieval rate of the pneumatic abrasive pick up. 700 lbs of abrasive can be reclaimed in 10 minutes. 
All moving components are outside of the room and curtain to minimize wear. Drive mechanisms and electric motors are shielded and sealed. Electrical controls are industrial quality, oil and dust tight. Control system is pre-wired and tested at our Elberton location. 
Metal Room is fabricated complete, with access doors, auger system, conveyor, and ABC. It requires no holes to be drilled or pits to dig for installation. Completed Room is ready to be raised and set into place. (Power supply is to be established by a qualified electrician in your area.) Automatic Start/Stop feature for the ABC and Empire Abrasive Blaster is available as an option. 

Automatic Blasting Curtain

December 13, 2017

Automatic abrasive blasting with our Bicknell ABC is the answer to fast and accurate production at a lower cost. It completely outmodes tedious hand blasting. 
No additional curtain is required. Totally enclosed to minimize abrasive loss from the room.  
The blasting nozzle is always directed squarely at the work for a precision cut.  Vertical and horizontal travel can be quickly and easily adjusted to desired speed and  length of travel. The ABC will perform every kind of surface finishing from a light frost  to deeply carved letters and designs.  
All components are fabricated by Bicknell Supply Company to rigid quality standards.  The electric motors and controls are industrial quality, oil and dust tight units. Each unit is built complete and thoroughly tested by BSC for immediate installation.

BSC Shaping Curtain

December 13, 2017

Complete room front curtain for manual blasting. This curtain is designed for convenience in hand blasting and will keep abrasive dust from escaping your blast room when properly installed*. The fully extendable viewing window is mounted onto the midsection door that can be raised up and away for hands on inspection of work progress. Four-ply apron allows operator to move blasting hose with ease. Protected pillow block bearings allow for curtain to be raised and lowered with little effort. Three protected light sockets are mounted inside for better visibility. Also available with electric manual control of vertical curtain movement. Outside dimension is 7'-6" x 7'-6" 

* call for more details.

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Abrasive Blasting Machines

Empire 650 SuperBlast with #780 Remote Control System

Stationary or mobile blaster with 1-1/4” piping and DF-2 Dry-Flo moisture and oil separator.

Pneumatic Control System complete with Automatic Sure-Flo and Air Valves.

Remote Control Handle.

55’ of Dual Line Hose with fittings. Grit Capacity: 6.5 cubic ft.      

Grit is estimated at 100 lbs per cubic foot

Includes 12-1/2’ of 3/4” I.D. Abrasive Blasting Hose, Fitted, and 4 - N1 Nozzles. Weight: 415 lbs. 

Empire 350 Superblast with #780 Remote Control System

Stationary or mobile blaster with 1” piping and DF-1 Dry-Flo moisture and oil separator.

Pneumatic Control System complete with Automatic Sure-Flo and Air Valves.

Remote Control Handle. 30’ of Dual Line Hose with fittings.

Grit Capacity: 3.5 cubic ft.      Grit is estimated at 100 lbs per cubic foot

Includes 12-1/2’ of 3/4” I.D. Abrasive Blasting Hose, Fitted, and 4 - N1 Nozzles. Weight: 250 lbs.           

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The media path through the valve is straight down, assuring dependable flow. Abrasive media contacts only one part, a gum rubber pinch tube. Not only is the tube exceptionally long lasting, it’s also inexpensive and simple to replace. This will provide more production time and virtually a maintenance-free operation. 

“780” Controls - Vessel remains pressurized, but stops blasting when you release the remote controls. This conserves compressed air and speeds up starts. 
“680” Controls - Vessel depressurizes when the remote controls are released. This enables the vessel to be refilled automatically when equipped for automatic reclaim. 


Automatic Stop/Start Controls are available for use with automated blasting systems. 

Marco Model 1.5 (150) cu/ft L-Series Portable Blast Machine

Includes 12-1/2’ of 1/2” I.D. abrasive blasting hose, two N1 1/8 and two N1 5/32 ceramic nozzles with nozzle holder.

Stats:   Weighs 130 lbs   14” W x 23” L x 33” H 

Marco Model .35 (35) cu/ft L-Series Portable Blast Machine

Includes 8’ of 1/2” I.D. abrasive blasting hose and two N1 1/8 ceramic nozzles with nozzle holder.

Stats:   Weighs 80 lbs   14” W x 19” L x 35” H 

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Marco & P.K. Lindsay Portable Abrasive Blaster Repair Parts

#100-197   Complete Mixing Assembly Overhaul Kit including Valve Body, Mixing Bowl, and                      Internal Parts

#1-03       Mixing Assembly Repair Kit including Mixing Bowl and Internal Parts

#3-36A    Mixing Assembly Repair Kit including Internal Parts Only

All parts are available for individual purchase

Repair parts are also available for discontinued P.K. Lindsay Models.

15-L, 25-L, 35-W, 100-D, 200-E, 300-LEA, 300-LA, and 600-LA

Ruemelin Equipment Repair

Ruemelin equipment is no longer being manufactured, but repair parts are available for all Ruemelin abrasive generators, abrasive pick ups, and dust collectors. 
We inventory internal parts, bodies, and valve assemblies, for the previous "Master", "Medium", "Junior", and "Midget" models. 
Castings, pick up tubes, and hoses are available for the Pneumatic Abrasive Pick up. And Dust Collector Bags are also available.

***Please note: Pressurized vessels, especially older models, should routinely be inspected and found to be structurally sound before being repaired. 

Silica sand is NOT to be used with any equipment sold by Bicknell Supply Company.

*Roto-Pulse Cleaning

The Heart of the Micro Air Dust Collector 

Cleans cartridges dramatically better, up to 90% compared to conventional air cleaner back flush systems. Roto-Pulse provides for a much better cleaning of the cartridges. The air is pulsed into a specifically designed aluminum rotating tube with pre-drilled holes. As the air enters this tube, the force of the pulse causes the tube to rotate resulting in dirt particles being forced away from the cartridge from inside out. A more efficient cleaning cycle and extended cartridge life. 

Micro Air Dust Collector

  •  Cartridge Unit 

  •  Low Maintenance 

  •  Gravity Flow Design 

  •  Easy Cartridge Accessibility 

  •  Balanced CFM & Air to Cloth Ratio 

  •  *Roto-Pulse Cartridge Cleaning 

  •  Automatic After-Pulse Cycle 

  •  Durable Construction 

  •  Compact Design 

  •  FOB Factory 


Air Compressors

Kaeser Mobilair 

Models M15 & M17

Single stage, oil injected rotary screw airend with 4-cycle, V-Twin industrial duty Honda engine.   Uses lead free gasoline.   Compressor and engine are disengaged for easy starting with one touch electric start.   Protective rotomolded polyethylene enclosure. 
M15   50cfm @ 100 psig      Fuel Capacity - 5 gal.      Weight - 420 lbs.           Length: 38.5”      

Width: 31”      Height: 31” 
M17   60cfm @ 100 psig      Fuel Capacity - 5 gal.      Weight - 430 lbs.           Length: 38.5”  

Width: 31”  Height: 31” 

Looking for more Power? Check out the Kaeser M20 pull behind compressor.

Skid Mount Air Compressors

VanAir Viper 80 

Unit features a Sullair 8 Series Powertech design oil flooded Rotary Screw powered by a Kohler 25 hp gasoline engine.

The Kohler engine is 4 cycle, V-Twin, Overhead Valve, Air Cooled.

80 cfm @ 3575 rpm for 100 psig

Battery included for 12-volt Electric Start.

Fuel capacity is 5 gallons.

Skid Mount with lifting hook.

Size: 42" x 33" x 29.5" height            Weight: 535 lbs. 
Lifetime Warranty on the Rotary Screw Air Compressor if prescribed maintenance schedule is followed.

All other parts have a 12 month warranty. 

Limited 2 year Warranty on Kohler engine

Two Stage Cast Iron Reciprocating Compressor

Kohler 14 hp 2-Stage Gasoline Engine with Alternator

24 cfm @ 175 psi   Max. cfm: 175

Electric Start/Recoil   (Battery not included)

30 Gallon Horizontal Receiver Tank

Skid Mount only

Size: 44” x 22” x 46”              Weight: 500 lbs. 
Limited 2 year Kohler Warranty Limited 1 year Ingersoll-Rand Parts & Labor Warranty* 

Start Up Kit  -  Included with purchase from Bicknell Supply Company                              4 - quarts of IR Compressor Oil and IR Filter Elements                                will be serviced into unit to extend Ingersoll-Rand                                      Warranty to 2 years* 

Ingersoll-Rand Model#2475F14G

Blasting Abrasives

Norton StoneBlast

Product# SB-50

Zirconia Alundum   36/60 grit  

“STONEBLAST” Our premium blasting abrasive.

Long lasting grain in a mixed 36/60 grit. Recommended for use in well sealed abrasive blasting rooms with an abrasive pick up system for economical production. Excellent performance with an automatic abrasive blasting curtain. 50 lb. box.     

Product# SB-40B

Calcined Bauxite    20/40 grit   “Sinterball”

Specifically designed for quality blasting. Round shaped grain becomes angular during use for fast blasting. Provides low dust generation and will not absorb humidity. Imported. 50 lb. bag.   

Product# B-36,  B-30,  

Virgin Fused Brown Aluminum Oxide. 36, 30 

“Blastite BT” Closely sized grain for durable and consistent abrasive blasting performance.  50 lb. bag.     

**We also have a Premium Brown Aluminum Oxide Abrasive, Imported Available in 30, 36, 46, 60, and 180 grit. Packaged in 50 lb bag. 

Product# USB-grit size**

From DuPont. Greater visibility due to less dust generation.  Reclaimable. Guaranteed to contain less than 5% silica, typically less than 3%. 50 lb bag. 
STAUROLITE - Coarse 30/60 grit. For deep blasting.  
STARBLAST- ULTRA Medium 30/80 grit. 

STARBLAST Fine 54/90 grit. 
BIASILL - Ultra Fine 65/75 grit.

Nozzles for Abrasive Blasting

For 1/2" Pipe Thread

For 3/4" Pipe Thread

BK739 Coupling               BK 386 Gasket             BK746 Nut

BK750 Coupling              BK 386 Gasket           BK771 Nut


N1 Ceramic Nozzles- Taper

Norbide H series Nozzle - Taper

Norbide B series Nozzle - Flange

BK397 Adaptor

For Norbide J Series Nozzle - Flange

For Abrasive Blasting Hose With 1-1/2" O.D.


1-7/8" O.D.

(Specify when ordering)


N1 Ceramic Nozzle - Taper

Norbide H Series Nozzle - Taper

Norbide B Series Nozzle - Flange

BK766 External Connector       BK 386 Gasket         BK746 Nut

For Abrasive Blasting Hose with 1-1/2" O.D. 


1-7/8" O.D.

(Specify when ordering)

For Norbide J Series Nozzles - Flange

BK766 External Connector           BK386 Gasket           BK771 Nut

BK746 Nut

BK397 Adaptor

BK395 Nut


N2 Ceramic Nozzles

TL1-2 & TL2-2


N3 Ceramic Nozzle

BK439 Reducer

BK396 Nut

NHA1 External Connector for 1-1/2" O.D. Blasting Hose

NHA2 External Connector for 1-7/8" O.D. Blasting Hose

1-1/4" Thread


Norbide E Series Nozzle

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