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Weha Spiral Brick dry diamond polishing pads are premium diamond concentration pads designed to polish granite dry on the job site as well as in the granite fabrication shop. 

With more diamond content, these dry granite pads polish faster, last longer than standard dry pads with a brilliant polish, and still remain extremely flexible throughout the life of the pad. 

These dry granite diamond pads will create the same high quality polish as 7 step wet pads. 

Weha Spiral Dry Diamond Polishing Pads are one of the best 7 step dry diamond polishing pads for polishing granite and marble in the stone industry. And priced very competitively.

4" Hook and Loop 
Max RPM 5,000.
Use wet or dry.

Pads sold individually, Grits - 50,100,200,400,800,1500,3000


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