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Product# VZDSH5

Weha 5" Blitz Diamond Contour Blade for Cutting Vanity Bowls in Granite Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz, Quartzite, and other Natural Stone

The Weha Blitz 5" Vacuum Brazed Diamond Contour Blade is the smoothest, chip free cutting/grinding contour blade on the market for cutting out vanity bowls and other radius cuts in granite, marble, engineered stone, etc.

Due to the quantity and quality of the full 8mm of turbo diamond segments around the rim of, life of the Weha Blitz Vacuum Brazed diamond granite contour blade will exceed other branded diamond contour blades. 

The vacuum brazing on both the inside and the outside core of the Blitz granite contour blade is a real game changer. This vacuum brazing creates the smoothest running granite contour blade available today. 

With the air cool holes through the vacuum brazing, this allows heat to escape, creating even longer life over traditional contour blades. 

After the bowl is cut out, the vacuum brazing becomes the best contour blade for smoothing out the stone in preparation for polishing.

Quality, speed, life, functionality makes the Weha Vacuum Brazed Contour Blade a premium tool for bowls.

5” Weha Double Vac Brazed Contour 5”x7/8” - 5/8”

Vac Brazed on both sides 

Super smooth finish 

Turns easily during bowl cutouts 

Air cool holes for continuous cutting 

5” Weha Double Vac Brazed Contour 5”x 7/8” - 5/8”-22


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