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Weha Riba 2 Cable Slab Scissor Lifter 1102 lb Capacity for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone Slabs, Steel Plates, Concrete, Landscape Matarials

The Weha Riba Series Cable Scissor Lifters are perfect for picking up any stone slab or steel plate from a horizontal position and lifting it to a vertical position. 
Likewise, the Riba Series Cable Scissor lifters will take a Steel Plate or Slab and transition from a Vertical position and lower it to a horizontal position.

The Weha Riba Series Cable Scissor Lfiters are operated by 2 super strong steel wire cables and roller bearings. So when lifting and tilting material the cable is always tight and creating pressure so that the Riba Scissor Lifter never releases the material.

The 2 cables have eye loops for eye hooks, clamps, shackles etc. 
The Riba Scissor Lifter can be used with Fork Lift Booms, Jib Cranes, Over Head cranes, etc.

Fully hot dipped galvanized, the Riba Slab Lifters will last for many many years.

Riba Scissor Slab Grab lifters come with 3" Diameter Rubber Grip Pads that create a super strong grip on the stone. These grips can easily be replaced when worn out.

There are 3 lifters in the Riba Cable Series Scissor Lifter Line: Riba 1, Riba 2, Riba 3. Each of these offer a different lifting thickness and weight capacity.

Riba 2 Cable Series Slab Scissor Lifter:
Light and manageable slab grab for vertical transport of slabs. 

Load Capacity: 2646 lbs
Height when Closed: 16"
Height When Open: 21"
Slab Thickness (Grip Width) 0"-6". 
Weight: 49 lbs

8010240 Weha Riba 2

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