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Knife Grade. Indoor Use. Extra Clear Transparent Acrylic/Polyester mix. Used to laminate stone when it is important for the seam/joint not to show. Color can be added, resulting in a transparency finish to match stone. Directions for use: Surface must be clean, free of dirt and grime, and Dry.                         Mix by weight, not volume. Example: 100 parts of resin with about 3 parts of hardener. Very important for proper strength and color, too much hardener will cause yellowing. Gel time is approximately 10-15 minutes with temperature being around 77 degrees F. After 80-120 minutes, it is possible to process the glued stone. Specific Hardener Paste provided with each quart and is the only hardener to be used with Crystal.                              

KNIFE GRADE:   Available in:    Quart with tub of Hardener Paste 


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