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Weha 4 x 2 Cupwheels are premium grade Green Silicon Carbide cupwheels that can be used both wet and dry.

Designed to grind and shape faster, retain its shape better, and last longer.

Max RPM:9000

Check for cracks or breakage after every single use. 
Breakage caused by improper use or cracks caused by damaging the cupwheel can cause serious injury.
Do not abuse or drop cupwheel.
Do not exceed Max RPM
Always wear safety shields when using the silicon Carbide cupwheels.
Gloves, Aprons, and arm guards highly recommended.
Use the proper grinder guard for maximum safety protection.

All 4 x 2 and 5 x 2 grinding stones are manufactured for face grinding only. 


Use the correct cupwheel for the correct application.
Using cupwheels for the incorrect application may cause explosion of the cupwheel and result in serious permanent bodily injury.
It is critical to continually inspect and handle cupwheels properly to prevent any damage prior to



Weha 4" Grinding Wheel

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