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Weha 4" or 5" Diamond Xubi Polishing Pads Set of 7

Weha Xubi diamond polishing pads are absolutely the best bang for your buck.

Quality of polish?: The Xubi diamond pads will achieve a high gloss polish without having to use a buff pad.

Life?: Xubi pads are a full 3.0mm thick diamond pad. Compare that to the low cost pads you are using. Does the company you buy your cheap pads from tell you the thickness? if not more than likely they are afraid to tell you that it is 2mm thick. This will reduce your life by 30% compared to the Xubi pads

Xubi pads will be a huge upgrade. Made with premium resin, the Xubi pads are extremely flexible, pliable, soft, and doesn't crack. 

Xubi pads will provide a higher shine, and longer life than any other pad in this class of diamond polishing pads.

Be careful with low cost pads. You may think you are saving money. But based upon the lack of diamond content, thickness of pad, and poor quality, You may pay twice as much per linear foot of polish.



Grits - 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000

Weha Xubi Diamond Polishing Pads

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